Moebius Variations
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Moebius Variations

About This Project

Moebius Variations  –  Flat and Upright Moebius.

Kongsberg wants to profile itself as a technology city, and focuses on science, innovation and creative thinking already in primary school. The art project seeks to challenge today’s technology, thereby highlighting the necessity of math skills in everyday life. Thus gets the art project a relevance in the profiling of Kongsberg.

I have worked with the moebius, a visual simple mathematical form, which nevertheless gives a complex form when viewed from different angles. An infinity form, that gives good associations from Kongsberg’s former history to hopes for it’s future.

The Flat Moebius and Upright Moebius is part of the theme Moebius Variations, with several sculptural variations of the Moebius.




In short

Two sculptures to Kongsberg, Norway.

Sizes and Materials

Flat Moebius: diameter ca 14 meters, hight ca 4 meters. Stainless steel.
Upright Moebius: ca 4,5 x 3,6 x 2,1 meters. Stainless steel.


Clients: Flat Moebius: Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
Upright Moebius: Kongsberg Technology Park.


Infrastructure, Parks/places, Sculpture