“Nyken” – a gathering place
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“Nyken” – a gathering place

About This Project


The art project “Nyken” is a “bird mountain” where students can gather, waddle, hang out, flirt, discuss and argue. A piece of rough nature that is preserved in the middle of all that is built, as a metaphor for the division between being a child and an adult, that which has not yet been fully formed.

“Nyken” is a place where you can gather in small colonies, fool around in larger groups, stand a bit on the edge, look out and send your dreams on. Prepare to fly.

My intentions for this art project were to address the pile between the new main building and the old building. Look at what opportunities the mountain can provide, and whether it can give any signals about what can be processed directly, and further sculpturally how it can affect the design of different places of residence and ways of sitting. The result was a site-appropriate sculptural form that moves delicately between cleaned rock rubble and rock forms.

The cleaned rock revealed fine lines in contrasting colors and shapes that tell something about the site’s geological history.

The surfaces are finely sanded and selected edges are painted with two coats of Keim Concretal Lasur.





In short

Site-specific sculptural art project, processed rock rabble

Sizes and materials

The extent of the sculpture ca 14 x 6 meters, variable hights


Direct assignment after open prequalification.

Polarsikelen high school, Mo i Rana, Norway. 2021.
Client: Nordland county
Curator: Ingunn Milly Hansen
Production concrete parts: Tunge Ting AS, Voss, Norway.
Site-specific foundations and installation: Hent AS, contractor


Parks/places, Schools, Sculpture