Behind the Breath
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Behind the Breath

About This Project

“Behind the Breath”  – Art concept

To drive into a tunnel is about driving into a non-familiar world. Some people find tunnels claustrophobic, like feeling their body crush.
In a tunnel one becomes more conscious about the marginal limits of the space.
As a metaphor, to drive into this long and deep undersea tunnel might be compared with the big sea mammal’s dive; – up and down to breathe to prepare for the big dive.
For us to manage the deep tunnel dive, we need some metaphorical mental breaks.

To see a luminous bubble appearing, and then suddenly finding yourself driving over a bridge in a room, in an endlessness of crispy blue light, giving you a feeling of loosen up, – to breathe!

I am sculpting two drop shaped; or more likely “whale-shaped”, huge “breathing rooms”, cleaned them for visual technical installations, lit by hidden indirect LED-light, 
- an intangible presence of endless blue.

This art project is an important part of the traffic safety systems in the tunnel, and is acclaimed by Sintef.
I am part of the Norconsult project team for both the Ryfast project and the Rogfast project, as an indipendant artist. I initiated the art project ”Behind the Breath”; concept, shape and visuals in 2012, onsite constructions will start in spring 2017. Realization 2020.

I have also proposed other art projects for the Ryfast project, such as light lines / light drawings in the Ryfylke tunnel on both sides of the rock room ”Behind the Breath”, as well as light objects in other parts of the tunnel system consisiting of the Eiganes tunnel and the Hundvåg tunnel.

The art project was one of the finalists exhibited at the 10th Arte Laguna Art Price 15.16, Landart-section
Venice, 2016.  –  Page 162



In Short

The Ryfylke tunnel, Rogaland county. Part of the Ryfast project

Sizes and Materials

"Behind the Breath" - two one-direction rooms, each of 125 meters long, at the widest 30 meters and a hight of 12 meters

Further information

Cient: Norwegian Public Roads Administration, west region.
Co-operation project with Norconsult as.


Infrastructure, Sculpture