Random Imprints
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Random Imprints

About This Project

The school emphasises environmentally friendly technology. One of the criteria for the art project was a desire that the school’s solar panels be used as my power source.

The art project takes light and the variations in light as its point of departure, the subtle variations in the sheen that occurs in the same area of the spectrum. As one moves in relation to the work, different details become apparent and others recede into the background in step with the light’s reflection in the sheen details.

There are red LEDs behind the white circles that are connected directly to the school’s solar panel and lights up in direct proportion to the presence and strength of the sun.




Evje Primary School, Bærum

Size and materials

400 x 300 x 10 cm Water jet cut aluminium med enamel car paint, coloured reverse side for indirect, coloured shadows, coloured shiny figures, acrylic objects and red LED.

More Information

Client: Bærum Municipality Project Manager: Laila Sundsvalen


Schools, Sculpture