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About This Project

I participated with two light installations for the Solund Light Arts Festival 2014; Spirit and Crackle.
Slowly moving, a light spot on Ravnenipa in the village of Hardbakke, Solund, - in and out, in and out, programmed similar to the movements of the breath in a calm state. Suddenly disturbed by aggression and shudder for a brief moment, before calm again subsides.
The mountain is brought to life when darkness subsides, a breathable spot that is visible all the way to Hurtigruta's passage past the sea.
The source of the light was on the church's back staircase, the village center, about 300 meters from the rock wall. The diameter of the spot varied between about 20 - 50 meters.
Interactive, manipulated light source at an ordinary lamp post down at the harbor. A circular spot of white shell sand below. As you pass the spot, the light began to flicker frantically.
More info about the project; BEK >> http://www.bek.no/projects/435-solund-light-art-festival-2014?locale=en




Light installation / light performance at Ravnenipa in Hardbakke, Solund municipality, Norway

Sizes and Materials

Slowly moving light drawings, sizes vary between about 20 and 50 meters in diameter

Other information

Solund Light Arts Festival 2014
Project Manager: Gry Buer
Curator: Anne Marthe Dyvi / BEK
Programming "Spirit": Jon Villy Meidell
Electrician "Crackle": Trond Osland
The project was supported by Norsk Kulturråd / Arts Council Norway