Carpet of Floating Dreams – Transition
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Carpet of Floating Dreams – Transition

About This Project

Carpet of Floating Dreams – Transition

A variant of a light installation first shown in a forest in Vilnius in 2015, with references to the refugee crisis Europe was experiencing at the time. With the war in Europe and again many people on the run, the hovering luminous carpet is still just as relevant.

The carpet was installed in “Grindabygget” on the quay in Hardbakke, overlooking the sea, and stood up well in both storms and horizontal rain!

Link: Carpet of Floating Dreams, 2015, Vilnius >>


A Singel Line

A simple luminous line may be enough. Outdoor light drawing at Taklebua, Hardbakke.




In short

Site specific light installation

Sizes and materials

LEC-wire (Light Emitting Cable)
100 meters of green light cable, 9 meters of red light cable, 20 meters of white light cable

Light Carpet: 480 x 290 x 250 cm


Solund Light Art Festival 2022


Exhibitions, Parks/places, Sculpture