Sunspot and Fisheyes
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Sunspot and Fisheyes

About This Project

The art project comprises two separate works:

Work 1: “Sunspot”, Sun and Reflection project in the main atrium’s roof light.

The atrium is the school’s central space,- a “maelstrom” of pupils that move around and up and down the various floors. The space is experienced as living and varied because of the changes in daylight and the seasons. “Sunspot” is a shape on the glass roof, inspired by gas explosions, and placed according to calculations of the sun’s movement. When the sun is shining, the spot will spiral down  in the rotunda, all the way to the ground floor floor and then spiral back up again(in relation to the path of the sun).

It contributes to visualising the movement in this space, but at a completely different pace to the other users. Each day it with be slightly different from the preceding one.


Work 2: “Fisheye”, two programmed lights and optical objects in the vestibule of the school’s main entrance:

The title of this project was originally its working title, but I decided to keep it. It is slightly humoristic and a bit pedagogical since what one sees through these objects is like being on the inside of a pair of eyes. One gets association of entering the mouth of a large fish or whale.

The work is made up of a Fresnel lens on the outside(towards the outside) making the world turn upside-down or distort faces close-up. A mirrored tube runs through the wall and that distorts even more, and on the inner walls are large circular surfaces that have ‘running’ lights around the edge and a changing circle of colour like an iris. On the inside there are also lenticular films that diffuse the view depending on how one moves through the vestibule.


Steel work by Ulf Amundstad, Ula Jern, Trondheim
LED-programming and technology delivered by Jarle Henriksen.


“Sunspot” installation >>

“Sunspot” – project description, norwegian >>




Tangen High School, Kristiansand

Size and Materials


Other information

Client: Vest-Agder County Council, supported by KORO. Artistic Consultants: Nina Gresvig og Harald Solberg. Closed competition, winners Edith Lundebrekke (facede project) og Viel Bjerkeset Andersen (roof light and main entrance project)