Smia Culture House and Chapel
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Smia Culture House and Chapel

About This Project

Interference, Mirage and Waiting Pictures

I have worked with 3 projects, that all come to grips with aspects of the centre’s use. The projects encompass the entire facade of the building, the alter wall in the chapel and on the canvas that functions as the curtain for the stage in the grand hall.

Interference – Sculpted facade sheeting around the buildings entire 1st floor; 4meters in height , maximum depth(wave top to bottom) 20cm. Sinusoid aluminium sheets according to a digitised hand drawn line. Lacquered surface.

The point of departure for the art project for the facade, was noting the centre’s situation, how the public and daily users encounter the building, its contents and orientation, and accordingly define important locations that I call the building’s epicentres. The four epicentres are: located on the East facade, the first is the one one sees when arriving by car, the back wall of the large hall; the main entrance that faces North; the church bell that is to the West; and the alter wall in the chapel that faces South.

Each epicentre is expressed as the envisioned energy of the centre’s activities; sound, song, music, sermons, sadness and joy, tone, changing light and expectations. This is visually expressed by means of waves that oscillate vertically away from each epicentre. Each epicentre has its own identity; each facade is experienced as different from the others, even though the entire strip of the facade has a unified expression. The wavy facade ribbon is executed in lacquered aluminium; closed where it acts as a climate wall, perforated where light needs to be let in. Changes in daylight and season mean that the facade is experienced differently under these differing lighting conditions.


Mirage – Alter wall object in the chapel

The alter wall is approximately 8 x 8 meters of relatively rough concrete.

The alter wall object comprises a field of waxed, raw, white plaster as a background for a subtle sculptural installation: a wavy shape comprising 21 vertical, semi-transparent plates; the seven central plate surfaces are bunched tightly together, while the seven surfaces grouped on either side of these open towards their respective sides. Size of installation: 420 x 420 x 70 cm.

A human figure, with arms spread, can be subtly discerned on the vertical surfaces, formed by small holes in the surfaces. Together the holes form,- the absence of substance, a three dimensional figure that welcomes you with arms outstretched to either side.

Seen from the front one can read the body with outstretched arms as cruciform, and as one moves to the sides the three-dimensional body appears.

The body’s markings in section are expressed by many holes that are lit up because each of the plate’s polished edges lets light, unhindered, into the plate’s material.


Waiting Pictures – Video projections on a large screen in the Great hall act as a stage curtain prior to various events, concerts and ceremonies.

Event organisers can choose between 8 videos prior to various events in the hall, and it is up the individual organiser to determine which video they prefer or which video is appropriate for the specific event.

The title, Waiting Pictures refers to the use; videos that one can rest one’s eyes on while one waits for the event to start. The videos are variously themed and have different titles. All the videos are silent and vary in length from 5 to 10 minutes and run in a loop till they are switched off.


Some videos can be seen here:


Double Visions

Passing Fairy Tales


Download catalogue>>





In Short

Site specific art projects at the facade, Altar wall in the Chapel and video projections in the Grand Hall.

Size and materials

Facade: all 4 directions, height 4 meters. Painted aluminium.
The Chapel: 420 x 420 x 70 cm. Stucco Lustro, cast acrylic, aluminium.
The Grand Hall: Video 16:9, different lenghts

Other information

Commission after invited pre-qualification.
Client: Frogn municipality, Norway.
Curatort: Gro Honoré Skåltveit.


Institutions, Sculpture, Video