Uneven States of Horizontality – Shades of Yellow
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Uneven States of Horizontality – Shades of Yellow

About This Project

Uneven States of Horizontality – Shades of Yellow

Video 16:9, 6’25”. 2015
Several videos within the theme; Uneven States of Horizontality.

Shades of Yellow
Video footage from some journeys by car in areas that are very inhospitable, areas that are deeply fascinating in their emptiness. Very beautiful and at the same time ugly. If there was one place the car couldn’t have an engine failure, it was right here!
This is from areas in the USA that are basically impossible to cultivate, yet some people live here and there. Areas people were banned from, hid in, escaped to and through, hoping for a better life. Many ended their lives here.


I have made similar recordings from wide, empty landscapes where the snow still lies. Colorless, empty and silent.


In the project “Uneven States of Horizontality” I am looking for an archetype in the void. Through it, the viewer is invited to color what they see with their own experiences. Some will perceive the openness and beauty where one feels free to breathe, others will feel the opposite; the claustrophobic in the endless.
Because the cameras are moving, and the areas are so vast, some landscapes appear to stand still, while other surfaces appear to float. This creates a feeling of horizontal instability, both in the visual expression, but also physically for the viewer because one has to deal with simultaneous different movements. These are some of the details I grasp and enhance by juxtaposing different clips, close flickers versus long looks together with monochrome, pulsating luminous surfaces, and further develop contrasts through the way this will later be shown.




Video 16:9

Størrelser og materialer


Can be installed as multi channel video