Sphere of Self Awareness
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Sphere of Self Awareness

About This Project

The art project “Sphere of Self Awareness” takes as its point of departure, the courage required to approach one’s limits, one’s own volume. It is a space with unique acoustics, where anyone can play with self-made sounds, a space where one becomes the focal point when one stands in the centre, alone.

Its a space where things that we take for granted, like sound and light are, reinforced. It is a sphere that gives a glimpse of eternity and responds to one’s own sounds and resonance.

It is a body with tactile qualities and physical recollections,- slightly chubby, soft and sensual.




“Eyes of Providence” is a small indoor project,- a entity that looks at you, mirrors you and reacts to your movements with glowing red eyes.




"Sfære for Selvbevissthet/Sphere of Self Awareness" og "Eyes of Providence", Vestby High School, Vestby.

Size and materials

"Sfære for Selvbevissthet/Sphere of Self Awareness", sculpture in stainless steel. "Eyes of Providence", a small wall object with mirror, light and movement sensor.

Other information



Schools, Sculpture