Sphere of Self Awareness
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Sphere of Self Awareness

The art project “Sphere of Self Awareness” takes as its point of departure, the courage required to approach one’s limits, one’s own volume. It is a space with unique acoustics, where anyone can play with self-made sounds, a space where one becomes the focal point when one stands in the centre, alone.

Its a space where things that we take for granted, like sound and light are, reinforced. It is a sphere that gives a glimpse of eternity and responds to one’s own sounds and resonance.

It is a body with tactile qualities and physical recollections,- slightly chubby, soft and sensual.




“Eyes of Providence” is a small indoor project,- a entity that looks at you, mirrors you and reacts to your movements with glowing red eyes.




"Sfære for Selvbevissthet/Sphere of Self Awareness" og "Eyes of Providence", Vestby High School, Vestby.

Size and materials

"Sfære for Selvbevissthet/Sphere of Self Awareness", sculpture in stainless steel. "Eyes of Providence", a small wall object with mirror, light and movement sensor.

Other information



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