Setermoen Military Camp
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Setermoen Military Camp

About This Project

An Instant of Standstill

The title An instant of standstill refers to a frozen moment within an endless movement. But it is also about that moment when something captures one’s attention, and thus refers to the importance of vigilance as a quality for military life.

Setermoen Military Camp is in the municipality of Bardu, which lies inland in the region known as Midt-Troms. The location of the camp was chosen due to its strategic position between the mountains. It is precisely the presence of these mountains that causes the rising air masses that sometimes create lenticular clouds: round, flat clouds with a layered appearance that may almost resemble flying saucers. This rare meteorological phenomenon inspired me to develop an art project especially for Mollund, which is the camp’s training and command centre.


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In Short

Hovering sculpture

Size and materials

Luminiscent cast acrylic.
500 x 300 x 70 cm, five layers.

Other information

Direct commision.
Client: KORO / Forsvarsbygg.
Curator: Jenny-Marie Johnsen.


Institutions, Sculpture