Segmentum Lunaris
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Segmentum Lunaris

About This Project

Segmentum Lunaris

Can we still experience the moonlight from a world that is fully lit? Do we still manage to see the faintish light from the stars?

Segmentum Lunaris is developed as an autonomous sculpture with references to the integrated art project ”Towards North”, that I created for the square ’Arbeidersamfunnets plass’ in Oslo, Norway, realized in 2009. I wanted to make a sculpture that contributes to different discussions about our world as part of a more holistic system.

Segmentum Lunaris is a sculpture that deals with the ideas of our relationships with the Moon, and the scaled relationship between Earth and the Moon.
The sculpture gets site-specific adaptions to integrate important directions and other valuable details in the plane, together with the direction towards North. This also refer and link the sculpture to the Cartesian coordinate system x, y and z.

Top surfaces are polished to reflect the surrounding environment and the Sky.

The Segmentum Lunaris sculpture in Eidfjord have an outer diameter of 470 cm, the concept of a bigger version is connected to the diameter of the Earth as the outer ring, and diameter of the Moon in the center object, both in scale 1:2mill. Both variables of the sculpture have the curved white «Moon section» in scale 1:1mil


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In Short

Site specific sculpture.
Public Art

Size and materials

Larvikitt granite and Eidfjord-granite.
Outer diameter 470 cm, variable heights. Turnable center object.

Other information

Direct comission.
Client: Eidfjord municipality, Norway.
Produced by Johansen Monumenthuggeri AS, Norway


Parks/places, Sculpture