THE RUG – ongoing project
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THE RUG – ongoing project

About This Project

A coarsely woven narrow rug that is used in beds, to sit on, as floor rugs, as boat rugs and for other covering. A rug is something all peoples have a relationship with.
It is a valuable object; a woolly rug could weigh about 18 kilos, and was worth as much as a good dairy cow. The work effort behind a rug, from spinning to the finished item, is equivalent to half a year’s work.

The rug sculpture is cast with combinations of colored concrete and normal gray concrete, with, for example, embedded lines, patterns and shapes in other colors and materials. Aggregates of finer stones of, for example, local Røyken granite, special glass and metal forms – so-called “stone in form”, which appear as fossils, souvenirs and points of curiosity on the surface, can be added.
The sculpture has a finely sanded, possibly polished surface on the defined upper side, and a possibly rougher side on the surface that appears as an exposed underside.
All edges are well chamfered, and the sculpture has enough thickness so that there is good coverage for reinforcement. Basalt fiber is also added as extra reinforcement.
The sculpture withstands both play and stay, it is smooth and nice to sit on and lie down between the waves.


Link to project description in Norwegian >>The Stopover and The Rug

Link to the newspaper >> Drammens Tidende


Ongoing project

In short

Site specific concrete sculpture
Konnerud square, Drammen, Norway.

Sizes and mMaterials

ca 1,2 x 5,5 meters, variable heights.


Assignment after winning competition
Client: Drammen municipality.
Project leader: Ingrid Unelsrød Hansen


Ongoing projects, Parks/places, Sculpture, Underveis