The Reflex Car
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The Reflex Car

About This Project

Narrative object, constructed to be perceived in a perspective view, in high speed.


The object changes from dense to dispersed depending on the driver’s distance, speed and horizontal movement.
The Reflex Car is perceived as shining for every driver, as the reflex material glows in the individual driver’s car light.


The Reflex Car was given protection in the National Plan for the protection of highways, bridges and cultural relics assosiated with roads in 2002.




Highway E18, Høvik, Norway

Size and material

Rods of wood, aluminium profiles covered with sign reflex.

Size of the car:
32 x 2,5 meters

Distance between the rods:
0,5 meter

Leveled line behind the car:
250 meters

Other information

The Reflex Car was protected in the National Plan for the protection of Highways, Bridges and Cultural Relics associated with roads in 2002.
The art installation was completely refurbished in 2017.


Infrastructure, Sculpture