Et Balance Piece
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Et Balance Piece

About This Project

A Balance Piece

The art project with the title A Balance Piece takes as its starting point the fragility of life itself, and which one is confronted with several times through by just living.
All border crossings; – the balance between where we are well, where people close to us are well, and where things are worse, with ourselves or others we relate to. The balance between what we master and where it falls short, the balance between reaching for new goals or giving up, – do I stay standing, or do I fall?
But what is that dachshund doing there? Nothing but to disturb!

Inside is a smaller sculpture of a pair of joined hands, as a pendant to the balance figure’s hand position on the outside. A touch object.
The starting point for the object is a series of multiple exposure analogue photographs where the photographic process creates an expression where the skin merges into new forms. This is further interpreted in the hypernaturalistic object of the hands, where the thumb is fused into a finger. Method: 3D scanning of own hands, then processing of the 3D model to the correct expression. The 3D model was transferred to a cnc milling machine, and milled out of oak. The project has been carried out in collaboration with Norsk 3D-service and the Joint Workshop in Oslo. A challenging project for everyone, and extra fun to complete.



Outdoor sculpture group, 2021
Subtle touch object indoors, 2022

In short

Sculpture project, sculptural drawing

Sizes and materials

Outdoor sculpture group in acid-resistant steel: ring ø 350 cm + figure h 190 cm = total height 540 cm Dachshund and figure are to a scale of just over 1:1
Indoor touch object in oak; approx. 35 x 35 x 35 cm. Sculpted hands in scale 1:1


Assignment after invited competition with 4 participants
Client: Indre Østfold municipality
Curator: Hege Liseth
Steel sculptures produced and assembled by OTB Service AS
Indoor touch object: 3D scanning carried out by Norsk 3D Service as, production in collaboration with Fellesverkstedet in Oslo.


Institutions, Parks/places, Sculpture