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About This Project


Drawing, directly cnc-milled into polycarbonate sheets on a footbridge that connects the petrol station in Jarenkrysset connected to a green area on the other side of the road. The project was completed in 2016. All photos were taken in November 2020, and show the artwork’s good resistance to weather and wind.

Marianne Heske’s former art project “House of Commons”, which has now been taken over by the local history team, was reassembled and connected to the picnic area in the summer of 2020.


Art concept:

Pictures of giant intersections can be perceived as a cliché. But they can still be used both as an inspiration and a metaphor for a particular type of energy, to which great paths can be attributed. Ramps in several planes that shape the car’s circular movements can be experienced as an eternal maelstrom with its own energy.

These maelstroms are the starting point for the idea of shaping an art piece of graphic drawings for the footbridge.
I wanted to develop an expression that used the entire length of the bridge as one expression. That is, one picture / work of art that extends from one end to the other. This broke with the architect’s previous proposal with a uniform graphic expression that was repeated on each panel.

Photographs of maelstroms and centrifugal forces were processed into a graphic design language. Lines were drawn, erased and simplified so that only the essence of the expression remained, but without the movement disappearing. The expression is adapted to be perceived in an extreme length format, – both as a front motif for the drivers who drive under the bridge, and in perspective seen from the outside, both from the gas station and rest area, as well as for those who want to stroll back and forth on the bridge.


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Site specific drawing alongside a footbridge.
Jarenkrysset / the Jaren Interchange, E18 Knapstad.

Størrelser og materialer

Cnc-milled drawing in polycarbonate sheets.
36 sheets of 140 x 95 cm each, - a total of approximately 55 meters.


Client: Statens Vegvesen / The National Public Roads Administration.
Produced at Astrup AS, Oslo.


Infrastructure, Parks/places