Photographic Shadow Installations
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Photographic Shadow Installations

About This Project

Photographic Shadow Installations

Exhibited at several places, within different settings. Each specific setting is given a specific title.

The installation uses the immaterial specter between light and shadow as its basic elements. The method is first to digitalize the photos and then to rebuild them in a 3D drawing program. The result is a 3D object made of small pieces of cardboard mounted perpendicular to the wall. The spots of shadow that appears on the wall under each piece of cardboard together creates a 2D photographic pixelated image. The photographic images are visible because of the lack of light.


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In Short

Photographic Shadow Installations

Size and materials

White silkboard or semi-transparent plastic pieces.
Wall drawings, white glossy wall paintings

Other information

Different exhibition projects and unrealised proposals


Exhibitions, Infrastructure, Photo, Sculpture