Opus Origo
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Opus Origo

About This Project

Opus Origo takes Sophus Lie’s algebraic structure, E8, as its point of departure. The challenge was to create a simplified 3 dimensional figure inspired by a very complex 2 dimensional structure, while making it a static yet changing sculpture.
Opus Origo changes expression depending on point of view, the movement of the viewer and variations in the light- natural daylight or added illumination, when dark.


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Opera Nordfjord and Eid High school in Nordfjordeid

Size and materials

ø 200 cm Polycarbonate, dichroic film, aluminium and lights

Other information

Client: Sogn og Fjordane County Council
Art Consultant: Gerd Endestad
Opus Origo is produced at Ula Jern in Trondheim, by Ulf Amundstad


Institutions, Schools, Sculpture