Opus Groma
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Opus Groma

About This Project

Entering the Thingbæk limestone mines, used in the 1930s by sculptor Anders Bunnegaards (1864- 1937) as backdrop for his model sculptures and later supplemented by plaster sculptures by C. J. Bonnesen (1868-1933), gave me associations to Jules Vernes’ classic novel, Journey to the Centre of the Earth. – To step into a world from another time.

It is an absurd experience seeing the historical and heroic portraits and sculptures standing in the fascinating limestone caverns, with bodies and faces hewn, in relief, from the limestone walls, and then dramatically lit. Seen with contemporary eyes, they exist in a long lost era where other ideals prevailed.

Based on this experience it soon became clear to me that the proximate crater, the result of a century old blasting mistake, could make an interesting art project and a complement to the limestone mine as it exists today.

The groma is an ancient Roman tool, utilising right angles, that is used in surveying and that was later developed in things like the sundial.

The crater lies on an incline towards the Southeast.

The art project, Opus Groma, invites you down into the crater. As you descend the view and sound of the surroundings disappear. Your eyes are drawn to a convex core that receives and reflects the heavens.

In Opus Groma, the development of the crater’s center relates to the horizon and the cardinal points. One is afforded the opportunity to observe subtle changes in the light overhead. Alone down here, the sun can feel intense and the quite intrusive. But it can also be place for new vision, where you can open your mind. – If you take the time to journey into your being.

If you don’t wish to enter the crater you can sit at the crater’s edge and enjoy both the view and the project.

The crater will be cleared of undergrowth but for a few large trees. The artwork will comprise white concrete cast on site, with the convex core being of polished grey, black stone.


Project description: Opus Groma_screen

Land Art Rebild, upcoming art works: http://landartrebild.dk/kommende_vaerker.html


2014 - ongoing


Invitation to participate in Land Art Rebild, Denmark, following prequalification

Size and Materials

Crater size: approx. ø 22 meters, depth 4 to 8 meters.
Concrete, polished black centre stone

Other information

Ongoing work to get the project realised.
Curator: Lise Seier Petersen.
Collaborating institution: Rebildcentret


Exhibitions, Ongoing projects, Parks/places, Sculpture