Mysen Public Dental Clinic
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Mysen Public Dental Clinic

About This Project

Hous Mouse and The Ant

The Ant: macro photo of an ant treating lice as livestock, among ivy buds on the edge of blooming.

Hose Mouse: macro photo of a tine little scull of a mouse, focusing on its teeth.

The theme of the macros is the surrounding landscape and farmland, and its belonging animals, – seen from another point of view. The macros also relates to dentist’s view on tiny details. The photos prevent the audience to look into the more private treatment rooms, and are visible from both sides.


Link to Askim Public Dental Clinic:

Link to Moss Public Dental Clinic:



In Short

Photographic art project to Mysen Public Dental Clinic.
Public Art

Size and materials

Translucent photo, UV-print on polyester film.
"House Mouse #1-7": 42 x 110 cm. "The Ant": 329 x 130 cm.

Other information

Direct comission.
Client: Østfold county, Norway.
Curator: Putte Helene Dahl.


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