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About This Project

We have taken as our starting-point the abstract movement patterns in the new building, a direct consequence of the school’s form and architecture, and let this pattern be the basis for structures that derive their place at nodes of energy.

The abstract starting point;
• Movements that create invisible paths and patterns.
• Lines and directions that reside in the body, that one remembers long after one has left school.

  • The present organism.

The movement patterns generate themselves and are expressed physically as three sculptures; in the foyer, at the main entrance and in the back garden, as well as two sound installations in the glass corridors.
Sound organ and pipes
The sculptures capture the school’s own sounds that thereafter live their own lives based on looped feedback, where individual tones establish themselves due to the resonance of the sculptures.

The feedback is controlled and limited by a computer programme that continually monitors the sound. The sculptures are interactive in such a way that the pupils and other users can influence the sound input by shouting into or drumming on one of the sculptures. Pupils can sit or climb on the outdoor sculptures.

The installation reflects the school’s pulse and life, and expresses it by means of place related sound organs and sound surfaces. One moves through, and is part of, a total installation;

-the school that is an organism.

The school’s Labyrinths.


The Sound Sculptures are produced at Ula Jern in Trondheim, by Ulf Amundstad




Steinkjer High School
Collabortive project ; composer and musician Øyvind Brandtsegg and artistViel Bjerkeset Andersen.

Size and materials


Other information

Client: Nord-Trøndelag County Council.
Artistic Consultant: Anne-Gro Erikstad.


Schools, Sculpture