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About This Project


Sculpted landscape of interference circles, – created by sound waves, blasts …or bomb drops…? Or, are they shapes from eternity?
A big boring lawn is transformed into an art site, by creating several more intimate places where to sit, recline or just take a walk.
The parade ground with flags is transformed as becoming part of the art project.



Competition description, norwegian>>Konkurransebeskrivelsen

Project description, pdf>>Sessvollmoen project description



In Short

Sessvollmoen Military Camp.
Landart project

Size and materials

Landart sculpture,about 40 by 70 meters.
Height of grass waves from 40 - 100 cm.
Black high polished concrete sculptures with diameter 3 meters, warmed up in winter, lined with light when dark.

Other information

Client: The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency / KORO.
Curators: Laila Haugan and George Morgenstern.
Commissioned after art competition.


Institutions, Parks/places, Sculpture