In Aeternum – Light Dance
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In Aeternum – Light Dance

About This Project

The project comprises two parts:- the first is a teaser of sorts; the light installation, “Light Dance”, on top of the bridge towers along with the performance of the sound composition, “Wedding Feast”, to celebrate the union between two municipalities.

The second part, a larger light and sound installation, “In Aeternum”, was expected to be complete in Autumn of 2013, but lacked the funding to be completed. Link to the illustrated (Norwegian) description below.

“Light Dance”- a pas de deux between Mosvik and Inderøy Municipalities in three acts. The bridge towers of the Skarnsund Bridge both guard their respective sides. They stand across from each other, en garde, awaiting the next move. By attributing them with personalities, the idea is that they then can be choreographed; they communicate with movement. The upward beam of light becomes an extension of the tower, and is the movable part. When the beams dance, alone or together, the towers dance. At first they move independently and then move more and more together.

In the beginning they face their own municipalities, then they start to tell each other about these municipalities and they become inquisitive about the other’s space. In the end they meet and choose to join each other- In Aeternum, forever.
The lights are programmed according to dance moves. Programmer: Jon Villy Meidell, Photos: Daniel Hamstad, Skytrackers: eprod by Rainer Mehus.


Sound Composition by Øyvind Brandtsegg
The sound project seeks to focus and refine the particular architectural and acoustic properties that the bridge has and simultaneously use these to manifest various symbolic perspectives in the bridge and work of art.

The cable construction of the bridge gives associations to a string instrument, like a large harp. Henceforth the cables will be called strings. The strings have a very low natural frequency, and since the string are so long (100 – 300 meters), one can observe the energy that moves the string as if in slow motion. One can see and feel the strings vibrate, but not hear it. Special microphones based on an accelerometer are used in the sound installation to capture these oscillations and convert them to audible sound. The instrument associations give the link that the bridge represents a poetic character that again forms a connection between the functional and the poetic elements.


Light Dance- Inderøy Municipality >>

Project Description (in Norwegian) In Aeternum >>

In Aeternum - Light Dance




Skarnsund Bridge, Inderøya

Size and materials

The bridge is 1 km long, and the span between, the approx. 150m towers, is 500 m.
On the top of each of the bridge towers is a powerful sky-tracker, who's movements are programmed according to my dance moves.

Other information

Client: Inderøy Municipality
Art Consultant: Inger Marie Lillesand
Invited art project, light and sound installations, collaboration with composer and musician Øyvind Brandtsegg, who is responsible for the sound installation.


Exhibitions, Infrastructure