Imago’s Fables
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Imago’s Fables

About This Project

The core of the idea for my art project at Støa Nursery School is children’s curiosity;- and how to trigger it? How does one take children’s natural curiosity and give them a few “pegs” on which to continue to weave their own stories? How does one give them memories, whether consciously or unconsciously, that they can carry with them as they grow older? How does one trigger them to look up, down; to let their eyes wander, rest and wonder at what they see and what they are part of.

I have taken my inspiration from the micro level and made it macro. Elements from the natural world are absorbed and transformed. Partial figurations and absurd combinations provide new associations to other beings that dwell in the nursery school.



About the work “Krabbekuler/ Crab balls”:

The curved wall is the base of a play area at the top with a stair up from the common room. A macro-enlargement of the home of a tiny crab is mounted on the wall as a photo canvas. The enlargement gives the wall a substantiality, that relates to the rock wall in the outdoor passage under the nursery school (directly below this room), and an absurd abstraction of something small and somewhat bashful. One can discern a few of the crab’s legs poking out of the hole. The shape of the wall has become the home of the crab and the opening to the secret room take the children, perhaps, into the crab’s home.




Støa Nursery School, Svelvik, Norway

Size and materials

Size of photo wall paper: 10 x 2 meter. The picture is divided into 18 strips.
Various materials; photo, water jet cut aluminium, enamel car paint , readymades, mirrors and lights.

Other information

Client: Svelvik municipality, Norway
Architect: DRMA.
Curator: Dorthe Herup.
Pre-qualification for commission, interior exterior walls- roof object and photo wall paper


Nursery schools, Photo