Daily Transitions
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Daily Transitions

  • Hverdagsbevegelser, - relieff / Daily Transitions, - relief
  • Hverdagsbevegelser, - relieff, detalj / Daily Transitions, - relief detail
  • Hverdagsbevegelser, - skulptur / Daily Transitions, - sculpture

About This Project

Dayly Transitions and Ephemeral Butterflies

The art project has a two-part expression with clear connections. One work on the staircase wall downstairs with branches to the wall upwards in the stairwell, for a more volatile, airy and spacious installation.

I think of this as three-dimensional drawings, while being a site-specific installation; a relief that ends in a sculptural object

The starting point for the “Daily Transitions” installation, is the quadrature pattern / road plan, which is special for Levanger. The recognizable pattern is “disturbed” by an oncoming maze that interferes with and becomes a part of the plan.
Metaphorically, the drawing is linked to the changes that take place in the brain, when memory fails, when one no longer remembers the way one has always gone, and new connections arise.

But also how everyday life can be experienced when the daily routine is disturbed, when you is not the one who is sick. Something that is important to keep in mind whether you are a patient, a relative or a professional therapist / caregiver.

“Ephemeral Butterflies” are 5 small objects based on brain changes from a normal brain to a brain strongly attacked by Altzheimers Disease. The objects are about 1.5 times the normal size of the brain.



In short

Staup helsehus / Staup Hospital, Levanger, Norway

Sizes and Materials

"Daily Transitions" part 1, ground floor: 790 x 360 x 5 cm
"Daily Transitions" part 2, stairs to first floor: 700 x 230 x 200 cm
"Ephemeral Butterflies", first floore: 5 pieces, 20 x 22 x 5 cm

Fluorescent cast acrylic.

Other information

Client: Levanger Municipality, Norway
Curators: Lisa Stålspets And Annika Borg

Produced at Astrup AS, Oslo, Norway.


Institutions, Sculpture