A Framework, Interference and Crossings
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A Framework, Interference and Crossings

  • Interferens - lysende gobo på den mørke fjellveggen bak skolen
  • Interferens - lysende gobo på den mørke fjellveggen bak skolen
  • Interferens - lysende gobo på den mørke fjellveggen bak skolen

About This Project


A framework is an ambiguous word that encompasses everything from the rules the students must comply with (or oppose), school plans and syllabus lists, the construction of the building, to what we actually see, – a work of frameworks. Frames that hang bolt to bolt on the free beam, – liberatingly free, perhaps provocatively messy, but with a humorous slant towards the young people themselves.

You can fill in the contents of the frames yourself.

The sculpture’s starting point is 4 frames, shaped in fluorescent, transparent cast acrylic. The number of frames relates to three grade levels + the receiving class. Each frame has the same size and construction, with individual details, together they form a diverse whole, a spatial sculpture that will be experienced completely differently from whether you look at it from below, from the side, through the window in the group room, or when you move forward and back on the mezzanine.

The sculpture A Framework is also formally linked more closely to the light installation Crossings under the footbridge, where one passes through the light frames.


Gobo-projection Interference:

The starting point for the graphic expression is an interference between two points, and then worked on the pattern that arises from the waves.
Interference is a nice image and metaphor for Holmlia school; the interference that occurs through meetings between people, interaction and cooperation.

A graphic expression of interference between two points also gives associations to eyes looking down on one from the mountain, a bit like an owl, while the graphic image can also give vague associations to both bats and butterflies, and so, in a way, it links rise to both the old peace mark and other more popular cultural expressions.





In short

Site-specific sculpture and site-specific light installations

Sizes and materials

Sculpture in fluorescent cast acrylic, 500 x 150 x 150 cm
Lighting drawings / light installation, 7 luminaires that are adjusted and relate to the architectural details and sizes
Gobo projection on the rock face, approx. projection size: 467,5 x 309,6 cm


Direct assignments after prequalification Client: Oslo city
Curators: Jenny Marie Johnsen and Inger Gogstad
Production at Astrup AS
"A Frame Work" was very professionally installed in the corona era by technicians from DHL
"Interference" was manufactured and assembled by Bright Group Norway. "Crossings" was installed by Ski Elektriske and programmed by Light Bureau


Institutions, Schools, Sculpture