From a Point of View
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From a Point of View

About This Project

From a Point of View

The idea for the project became apparent to me the moment I entered the living room of the old lighthouse-keeper’s residence, and saw the beautifully embroidered text picture “ Der er Liv i et Blikk” hanging on the wall, – and at the same time noticed the sea’s horizon reflected in it’s glass frame. The text is part of an Easter hymn: “ There is life in the gaze of the bleeding lamb, just now there is life, and for you.” The reference is to the Lamb of God, – the suffering Christ on the cross.

The quote has a wider ethical significance that I thought interesting, that becomes evident particularly as the text occurs at Tungenes Lighthouse. The function of the lighthouse is to save lives, to watch out and to send signals that provide the seafarers safe passage. This is in stark contrast to the bunker from the last world war that shares the same situation as the lighthouse on the same site. It has the same view, outward and around, as the lantern room, but the function is the opposite.

The lantern room is open and pleasant, while the bunker’s space is grim and harsh, and yet beautiful, – but can we liberate ourselves from it’s past?

This duality prevails at Tungenes Lighthouse. As long as they both exist they are inextricably connected to one another, and the text is valid for the gaze of both spaces. What one sees depends on who is seeing and what setting the viewer encounters, when seeing.

I use the bunker, this tight claustrophobic space, where the view and the horizon are emphasized, to work on a site specific installation that takes hold of the relationship between the two
extremities of the view and the human presence. It’s an installation one reacts physically to. I work at the point where presence disappears, and the view disintegrates.


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In Short

Tungenes Lighthouse,Randaberg / European Capital of Culture Stavanger. 2008 Part of the bigger lighthouse project "On the Edge", initiated by Hå gamle prestegard.

Size and materials

Site-specific interactive sound and light installation, duration 3 months. Voices, EKG signals and programmed Magic Film and light. Interactive technique and programming Jarle Henriksen.

Other information

Supported by Hå gamle prestegard, Norsk kulturfond og Vederlagsfondet.


Exhibitions, Sculpture, Video