Fifty – Fifty
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Fifty – Fifty

About This Project

“Fifty – Fifty”

“Fifty-Fifty” is a photo series about personal reflections from turning 50. The photo series is performative and plays on a number of puns; – to share equally, to be in equilibrium, that life can be a bit of both, as well as questions about gender and equality issues. The project casts a metaphorical slant on “meat weight”, and questions whether as a woman at the age of 50 – or now 60, you are still weighed and found too light? Or have you finally become heavy enough, – and if so, why?
Older women’s bodies are hardly visible to society’s gaze. The photos show a body that is trying to find balance, where a vulnerability is exposed, and comment in a quiet, humorous way on the ambivalence of a woman’s aging body and that of society.

Part of a larger theme; Uneven States of Horizontality



In short

Sommarutstillinga i Seljord
Photo installation in the room called Hønsehuset - the Hen House.

Sizes and Materials

Photoprint on fabric,
200 x 300 cm, body in scale 1:1

Meat weight and load strap


Thanks to FotoPhono Imaging for professional collaboration and beautiful prints!


Exhibitions, Photo