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About This Project


Strata is most commonly used as a geological term for sedimentary rocks with distinct deposited layers.
But it is also a more general term for composite layers of materials that can be both artificially and naturally layered, where one layer is formed on top of the other, – like building an amphied stair.

Strata, in a more figurative sense, can also refer to different layers of people; – different social strata, strata that arise among people with the same education, or more diffuse interpersonal strata that you cannot quite get hold of.

The art project “Strata” collects and expresses these layers through sculpted forms that create a diversity of spaces and locations. A clear meeting place that “processes the understanding of the place and plays with the activities that the buildings facilitate.”

The sculpture has a delicately smooth upper side, inlaid stone souvenirs in the room, rough underside where green can grow. The amphi steps are delicately modelled, with very well executed casting. Close cooperation with the contractor has produced a good result!






Sculpted amphied stair, unique sculpture

Sizes and materials


Sculpture: 250 x 170 x 55 cm


Assignment after invited competition with 4 participants.
Client: Agder county
Curators: Nina Gresvig and Nina Björkendal
Arkitect: Filter Arkitekter AS
The amphied stair is beautifully executed and cast in place by the building project's contractor BRG Group AS
The concrete sculpture is cast at and assembled by Tunge Ting AS


Institutions, Schools, Sculpture