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About This Project



Hovering sculpture inspired by Gordian knots.
How to release a Gordian knot, and the goal of bringing one owns life in a state of equilibrium, should be an inspired carrot for solving
problems for both the clients and the consultants at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).

The sculpture is built up by 4 flat layers of different “knots”, together forming a complex object, ever changing form depending on the view. Hanging in 4 wires from the ceiling beams nearly 20 meters above, it gives an impression of equilibrium in the huge open space.
The hanging object has also a function as a kind of pergola, protecting the clients from being looked at from the offices in the higher floors.


Article in the Norwegian paper Fedrelandsvennen her >>




NAV - The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, Kristiansand city. 2012.

Size and materials

Hanging sculpture, composite of fiberglass and Jackofoam, stainless steel bars and wires. Waterjet cut from digital drawings, industrial paint. Object size 550 x 470 x 100 cm.

Other information

Client: Kristiansand municipality. Art Consultant: Nina Gresvig. Comissioned after invited art competition.