Carpet of Floating Dreams
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Carpet of Floating Dreams

About This Project

«Carpet of Floating Dreams»

“… A token of love, it was of green sendal embroidered with gold and silver and studded with precious stones…”
This is how the magnificent flying carpet Queen Saba sent to King Solomon some 950 uears BC, is described in several tales.


The art project “Carpet of Floating Dreams”, refers on one hand to magic tales like Arabian Nights; – hovering carpets of shivering light lines: fragile and poetic, beauty like a fata morgana, keep our dreams floating, our gaze longing for another place.
On the other hand, the art project also refers to the migration crisis and the hazardious boats filled with refugees to Europe; – will the hovering layer stand the metaphoric weight of a human? Is there one side which is to survive, and the other to drown?


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Extract of the catalogue>>beepositive_2015_catalog extract_small

Documentation pdf >>Documentation_Beepositive-Festival 2015




International Light Festival Beepositive 2015, Vilnius, Lithuania

Size and materials

Size 430 x 380 cm The Carpet of Floating Dreams is made of 100 meters of electromagnetic light cable.

Other information


Exhibitions, Parks/places, Sculpture