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About This Project


Most of us probably associate the art project’s title Solaris with the film of the same name by Andrei Tarkovsky from 1972, – and that is not a bad allegory. The mysterious energy that gave rise to dreams and fantasies that triggered various emotions along the entire spectrum.
Solaris comes from Latin and means connected to the sun.

The art project Solaris is a transparent, brightly colored sculpture in a material that itself catches the light and seems to radiate with fluorescent edges and lines, – it is a fine metaphor for the life-giving energy we are completely dependent on, and which itself emits when we move us back and forth, and in interaction with others. It can give associations to a UFO, an alien globe, an atom – or a sun.
The sculpture hovers like an energy ball in the high void in the station entrance and is affected by the surrounding light, it is as if it absorbs the energy in the room. It becomes intense where the sun hits, it is bright in daylight, with edges that seem to glow, even when the light otherwise fades.

The sculpture is experienced differently from where you see it from, either by glancing up quickly when only using the underpass to move between east and west, or when moving up or down from the platform area.
The variations in daylight and the station’s general lighting affect the sculpture’s materials with different light emphasis, which means that it will be experienced slightly differently from day to day.




In short

Site-specific sculpture at Bryne railway station, Time municipality.

Sizes and materials

Fluorescent cast acrylic
Diameter: 260 cm


Assignment after invited competition with 3 participants.
Client: Time municipality
3D-model made by Selma Gulden
Production at Astrup AS
Installed with extremely professional help from Bright Norway AS


Infrastructure, Sculpture