Möbius Flyfly
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Möbius Flyfly

About This Project

Möbius Flyfly

Bronsby Kindergarten is well adapted to a lush, hilly cultural landscape. The frontal wall to the south is clearly visible when you arrive at the nursery, and has therefore been selected for the art project’s main wall.

The art project consists of two parts, the main part of which is a large flying creature, in the form of a sculptural line drawing. The drawing, which fills almost the entire width and height of the wall, is both inspired by and should give open associations to the kindergarten’s field of interest; – birds.

The drawing is made up of 3 layers of lines, put together with a small distance to the wall and between each layer.
The wall has good sun exposure, with the exception of a period in winter. The daily and seasonal rhythm of the sun leads to moving shadows below and behind the mounted line, which become part of the sculptural expression.

On the stall, which forms a wall facing the car park, a spatial sculptural pendant; – a möbius, is mounted, in the same materials and design language as the object/drawing on the wall, – in black lacquered black steel.





In short

Site-specific sculptural drawing and sculpture pendant

Sizes and materials

Wall drawing: 660 x 430 x 7 cm
Black steel 4 mm thickness, black matt lacquer.

Möbius sculpture: 100 x 80 x 40 cm
Black steel 6 mm thickness, varying widths of the band, black matt lacquer.


Direct assignments after prequalification
Client: Tvedestrand municipality.
Curator: Håkon Gåre.
Production at OTB Service AS
Assembled with good help from Amund Gulden


Institutions, Nursery schools, Sculpture