Behind the Line – “Shelter” • “When Indra meets Thor”
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Behind the Line – “Shelter” • “When Indra meets Thor”

About This Project


In our everyday lives, most of us are surrounded by lines, invisible lines, stated and unstated rules and norms; be it a line between right and wrong or a line between ‘us’ and ‘them’.

The title of the installation BEHIND THE LINE refers to on the one hand to the work’s physical aspect, where three-dimensional drawings are created with light-thread, and on the other the more abstract and thought line that symbolises a border.

In the window gallery one sees light drawings of a seated child, who is hiding its face, and an angry bull terrier. The installation is a development of the work SHELTER from 2015/2017. The work has its origins on the refugee crisis of 2015 that put treaties and regulations to the test. The political rhetoric in Europe became harsher, conflicted and more populist. People were described as a mass that many saw as a threat, and the individual disappeared in the crowd. In the project SHELTER, I stop at one of the thousands of people who risked their lives to come to Europe. Who is this child, is it abandoned, lost or captured? And what about the bull terrier?

In the showcases at Carl Berner Metro station we see the work WHEN INDRA MEETS THOR from a series of photos of terrifying lightning clouds on the border between Nepal and India. The electrical storm can also be interpreted as a confrontation or a tension, not only between positive and negative electricity but, as in this case, between different cultures, Indra, the Hindu God of Storms on the one hand and Thor, the God of thunder, from Norse mythology on the other.

The photographs are displayed alongside thread drawings that take their point of departure from tantras and labyrinths. These are illuminated by Black Light; a UV-light that our eye cannot see till it is reflected through an object. The light, the spectacular display and the meeting between two Gods from different cultures is a reminder of all the invisible lines that surround us; everything we don’t see or know about each other. However, we all have our insignificance and fragility in common in a world that is so much greater than ourselves.

In the NBF’s project space within Carl Berner Metro station, I invite you to take a second to reflect on the margins, boundaries and lines that we balance on, and between, every day.


The installation will be on show till October 2018.

The Project Space Carl Berner follows the Metro’s opening hours.



In Short

6 month exhibition project

Sizes and Materials

Site specific installations, variable sizes.
LEC (light emitting cable), photos, fluorescent line, light tubes and black light.


Project Room Carl Berner, invited by the Norwegian Sculptors Society.
Carl Berner Metro station, Oslo.
Exhibition period May - October 2018.


Exhibitions, Photo, Sculpture