When Indra meets Thor
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When Indra meets Thor

About This Project


Text by Helene Johanne Christensen, author.


Viel Bjerkeset Andersen captured the violent lightning clouds from an airplane on the border between Nepal and India. As the title of the work indicates, the thunderstorm can be viewed not only as an image of the confrontation and tension between positive and negative electricity, also between two different cultures represented by the Hindu god of storm Indra and the god of thunder Thor, known from Nordic mythology. Furthermore, the photographs thematise what kind of weather we can expect more of in the North as an effect of the climate changes. It is more violent weather; wetter, warmer and wilder. Weather, which we usually associate with more Southern latitudes. The work examines the close connection between climate change, weather and people, and how they influence each other.




In Short

"Vejret Rundt / Around the Weather"
Rundetaarn, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2018

Sizes and Materials

Double sided photo objects.
Digital print, cotton paper 300 gr, stamped holes, coloured edges, wood frames.
170 x 130 x 15 cm


Invited to join the exhibition, by Den Gyldne and the TV2 Weather report
Print: Fotophono Imaging, Oslo, Norway.


Exhibitions, Photo