Askim Public Dental Clinic
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Askim Public Dental Clinic

About This Project

By the Entrance and Scope

The photos prevent the audience to look into the private treatment rooms, and are visible from both sides.

By the Entrance: A house detail reflected in a tiny pond, shot with a macro lense focusing at a floating autumn leave.

Scope: A passing damp and foggy landscape cut into eight sections, which each has been given individual details of different dream worlds catched in small glass spheres.
Scope is a common designation for several scientific instruments for seeing, like Microscope, periscope, oscilloscope etc. The sphere photos are analogue macro photos via a designed instrument for photographing through small transparent marbles.

The macros also relates to dentist’s view on tiny details.


Link to Mysen Public Dental Clinic:

Link to Moss Public Dental Clinic:




In Short

Photo art project to Askim Public Dental Clinic.
Public Art.

Size and materials

Translucent photo, UV-print on polyester film.
"Scope #1-8": 44 x 110 cm.
"By the Entrance": 324 x 115 cm.

Other information

Direct comission.
Client: Østfold county.
Curator: Putte Helene Dahl.


Institutions, Photo