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About This Project

Archetypes – a project that deals with real and fictional body details, in various compositions.

“Etalage” alludes to a “warehouse” of body parts, – possibly a place where you can trade limbs sometime in the future?
Etymologically from French étalage “display of goods, showcase”.

The photographs are from a series of analogue multi-exposures of masked body parts which are then scanned, printed on cotton paper and mounted on aluminium. The pictures are framed in wood in a wood color adapted to the photographed skin tones. The photographs have a rough expression in black and white, so the experience of skin color can agree with reality, or just be an illution.
The photographic process creates an expression where skin and limbs merge into new forms. The multi-exposed photographs are further interpreted in hyper-naturalistic objects of hands, where details; only fingers or larger parts of the hands fuse together to form new shapes.
The starting point for the objects is an exploration of 3D scanning of one’s own hands and then processing/melting the 3D models together into fictitious and/or more abnormal expressions. The 3D models are transferred to a cnc milling machine, and then milled into woods that match the photographed skin tones. An item is finished, in beech that corresponds to white skin color.
Both the photographs and the objects are to a scale of approx. 10% above 1:1, so that they are perceived as 1:1.


“Matri Farsines” – shows the strength of a woman’s hands and arms, linked together like a chain. Multi-exposed analogue photo, digitalised.

“Associative body parts” – objects I have found in various places, which give me new associations.



In short

Multi-exposed analogue photos,
digitalised, some printed on cotton paper.


Variable sizes, body details in 1:1 scale


Slowly ongoing project, changes over time


Exhibitions, Photo