…and the Sylphs guard the East Gate
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…and the Sylphs guard the East Gate

About This Project

…and the Sylphs guard the East Gate

The central circulation area, – the four cardinal points and the four elements

The school’s positioning on the site is organised so that the central circulation area is the hub of the school, as well as the school’s compass. There aren’t many walls to relate to in this expansive space, but the walls, that are there, correspond well with the four cardinal points, and are good places to further evoke the connections to the seasons, elements, colours and fantasy creatures.

The positioning of the art project relates to where the cardinal points meet the walls. These points are easily visible regardless of where one is in the circulation area, as well as from the large windows on the corners and from the South.

Our entire existence underpins the four cardinal points – and to these we attach seasons, elements, primary colours, religion, stories, tales and myths:

The North is guarded by Gnome elementals. The North belongs with the element earth, the season is winter, the colour is green and the tarot shows a coin. Uriel is the archangel of the North. The north is the portal to wisdom, knowledge and the mind. The North represents the physical world, abundance, fertility and prosperity.

The East is guarded by Sylph elementals. The East belongs with the element air, the season is spring, the colour is yellow and the tarot shows a sword. Raphael is the archangel of the East. The East is the portal to new beginnings, and represents intellect, enlightenment, clarity and creation.

The South is guarded by the Salamander elementals. The South belongs to the element fire, the season is summer, the colour red and the tarot card shows a baton. Michael is the archangel of the South. The South is the portal to creativity. The south represents the inner child, inspiration, change, fire and passio

The West is guarded by the Undine elementals. The West belongs to the element water, the season is autumn, the colour is blue and the tarot card shows a cup. Gabriel is the archangel of the West. The West is the portal to the emotions. The West represents the direction of the setting sun, the place of dreams, inner vision and travels.

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In Short

Site-specific art project to Tu Elementary School, Klepp municipality, Norway

Size and materials

CNC-cutted drawings in plywood, acrylic paint, UV-verniss.
Variable sizes.

Other information

Comissioned after competition.
Clien: Klepp municipality, Rogaland county, Norway.
Curator: Karen Erland.
Produced at Fellesverkstedet, Oslo.
Assistants: Ane Thon Knutsen og Adrian Storm.